Eduardo Aguirre from Costa Rica with Great Presentation

December 7, 2009

Eduardo Aguirre outdid his rivals in Latin American Idol 2009 in Argentina.  The Costa Rican representative became a real volcano on stage while singing “No tengo dinero” I Have no Money) by Juan Gabriel and “So soy aquel” (I am Him” by the Spaniard Raphael.

Such was his excellence that earned another “Bien Cantao!” (Well Sung) By Jon Secada, while Mimi just stood open-mouthed.  It could not be ignored that the public and even members of the band stood up to applaud the singer.  Not forgetting the fact that the public and even the band members stood to applaud him.  Even judge Oscar Mediavilla acknowledged what I was able to do on stage.

Eduardo Aguirre, the young Costa Rican singer whom no one, much less the judges, expected to get very far outshone the other male singer, Chilean Ruben Alvarez, and made it through to the finals against Dominican Martha Heredia.  In spite of the pleas from the judges and the outright favoritism shown to the Chilean, Eudardo Aguirre’s performance could not be ignored.  He wowed the audience, the Latin American public, and even if grudgingly the judges. 

Eduardo did not hesitate a single moment to show what he could do. He let his Costa Rican fans know that he is going to blow up the finals.  He says he is holding an Ace up his sleeve.  He also said that he has learned to use his voice to showcase the music instead of the other way around. 

The Chilean insinuated that Eduardo Aguirre imitated him, but Eduardo is a Costa Rican original.  He must now rest because he is only a few days away from facing off against Martha Heredia, who is a very worthy competitor.

If you are a fan of Latin American Idol and Eduardo Aguirre, then make sure you tune in on Wednesday night.  The finals this year seem to have lots in store, and we need to see the card that Eduardo says he is holding up his sleeve.  Make sure you are heard through your vote in Costa Rica.  Everything seems to be ready so that the next Latin American Idol will be from Costa Rica.


Costa Rican TV Personality Randy in Hawaii

December 3, 2009

Former television presenter from Costa Rica, Randy Allen, chose a luxury destination to spend his honeymoon in October.  He and his wife Tatiana Murillo visited the exotic island of Hawaii for a week and they took full advantage of their adventure and went to see some historic sites.

“We went to the Pearl Harbor military base and we saw the remains of WWII warships.  It was amazing.  They are original and from that period.  We went on a guided tour which is conducted using a boat.  It was a great blessing and a nice memory,” said Allen.

In addition to this experience, they toured the city of Honolulu, beaches, saw sharks, penguins and interacted with dolphins.

After their wedding on October 11, Allen talked to his partner about plans to expand the family.

“We are thinking that perhaps we can do it next year.  We do not want to wait long to have a child.  For now, we are enjoying this stage as a couple, but children are something that we both want,” said the young man.  With a smile on his face, he said that they are going to begin the task of finding an heir. 

Congratulations go out to Randy and his wife.  It would nice to see him in another TV project, but good luck to him in whatever he decides to do.

Eduardo is in the Latin American Idol Finals

December 2, 2009

It’s official!  Costa Rican representative Eduardo Aguirre is one of three finalists in the fourth edition of the “Latin American Idol.”  The Costa Rican got enough votes last night to stay in the competition and make it to the last concert tonight.  

Competition last week was fierce and all four participants really stood out on stage.  However, the public once again believed in the talent of the young man from Esparza, which is a town in the northern section of the province of Puntarenas, not far from Puerto Caldera.

The excitement was more than evident on the face of the Costa Rican, who showed last Wednesday that he has the spirit of an artist, as Jon Secada said.  Tonight will probably be more difficult for the young Costa Rican singer because he will again have to sing two songs and they will determine whether he will be the next Latin American Idol.

Adolfo Arias, head of ICE’s services division in the Telecommunications sector in Costa Rica, said that voting went very smoothly last week.  “It was just as we had expected.  Voting doubled from the previous week and it was the week when the most votes were cast so far this season.  We will be ready for the final onslaught now that Eduardo is in the finals,” he noted.

Eduardo’s followers in Costa Rica must get some of the credit because they have continued to cast their votes to try to put him through to the finals.  The time has come for his followers to really make their vote count so that a Costa Rican can be the next Latin American Idol.

A Great Show by Eduardo Aguirre in Latin American Idol

December 1, 2009

Eduardo Aguirre is flying high.  The Costa Rican representative finally hit its stride and got the best judge comments since he has been competing in “Latin American Idol.”

The unplugged concert really favored, and he even got a second “Bien Cantao” during this fourth season from judge John Secada.

“It was so wonderful.  It was a magical night.  It was time to transmit emotion and I did it,” said Aguirre to national newspaper right after the show in Argentina.

He did so well that even Oscar Eduardo Mediavilla had no negative comments which to direct at the singer.  “It was very funny when I said I had thrown him off,” recalled the young Costa Rican while laughing.

If Eduardo obtains the necessary amount of votes, then he will arrive in Costa Rica the following day to record a special segment for the final.

“I hope they are proud of me because everything I do is with my heart and thinking of my country,” said the singer, who also lamented the passing of Froilan Bolaños.

Therefore, if Costa Ricans give Eduardo Aguirre their support, then he will surely be in the finals.  It remains to be seen whether there will be a Costa Rican in the finals for the second consecutive year.

Another Couple Decides not to have Sex

December 1, 2009

Andrea Salas and her boyfriend, Costa Rican soccer player Keylor Navas, made a courageous and somewhat strange decision nowadays.  They have decided to abstain from having sex.  The couple want to practice abstinence and conduct things in a calm manner.

Things developed in this manner because they are going to Bible study and came to an agreement that this is the best thing for their relationship.

“We are not going to do anything until we get married.  This is because God is in our hearts.  Since we know the Bible, we know what is right.  We want to get to know each other as friends and to do things right,” said Andrea.

 It is hoped that Keylor will not have too much temptation.  However, Andrea is one of the most beautiful and shapely models in Costa Rica‘s entertainment industry.

“Everyone asks me how I do it.  I am human and I have feelings, but we try not to be alone, to go no further than kissing and not to have too much physical contact.  It is actually quite difficult for me, but it is something I need to do,” Salas said.

He said that having an active sex life clouds a couple’s mind.  She does not disagree and says that having sex should come at the appropriate time rather than just because it is something that couples are supposed to do.

“Sex creates a dependence and couples solve problems this way rather than getting to the bottom of what is really wrong,” stressed Andrea.   Andrea is a mother and said that this decision may confuse many people.

“Since I have been studying the Bible, I have changed as a woman.  The Andrea from a few years ago does not exist.  Thank God that Keylor feels the same way I do.  He is a real man,” she added.  

The couple hopes that many young Costa Rican people will follow their example.  “It does not cause problems and there are many benefits.  It prevents the spread of disease and unwanted pregnancies,” said the smiling, green-eyed woman.

The couple currently has no plans to marry, but everything is apparently going smoothly.  They were in Perez Zeledon last weekend and they were able to spend time together.  Keylor had been very busy playing with his soccer team and the national team.

It is good that this couple is promoting abstinence.  However, if other Costa Ricans choose to have sex, it is hoped that they would do so responsibly.  This implies protection, honesty and not looking at sex as only a form of spreading disease or unwanted pregnancies.

Payment Without Having to Work

November 30, 2009

Who would not like to get paid without having to work?  Well, that never happens here; never except that it is happening to Costa Rican presenter Hanzel Carballo.

Although the program “En Vivo” stopped airing on September 18, she is still receiving her salary in a timely manner.

“I’m still with Teletica.  I have not left even though I am not doing anything at the moment.  They are still paying me as if I were working on ‘En Vivo’,” said “La Naca,” as she is commonly referred to.

She argues that this is a way for the channel to keep her on board.

“It is to keep me in the fold.  I guess it is not convenient for them if I were to leave and go work somewhere else.  I feel very happy,” she says.

Carballo will soon join the program “The Chinamo” (The Tent) and she asserted that she has a project planned in Costa Rica.

This is something that is very rarely seen in Costa Rica.  However, if she has that privilege, she should make good use of it.

Metallica Concert in Costa Rica is Already Sold Out

November 30, 2009

Tickets to enjoy the music of Metallica in Costa Rica are officially sold whether grandstand, shade, mezzanine or VIP.

All that is available as of today are box seats, but they will only be made available to Sapprisa soccer club members.

According to the concert’s press spokesman, Jose Cañas, tickets will be made available to the public on December 20 if there are any left over after being made available to club members.

The concert date for Metallica fans in Costa Rica will be March 7, 2010 at Ricardo Saprissa Stadium.

Our country joins a long list of scenarios where the legendary band has presented its latest album, Death Magnetic.

This not only shows how productive a concert of this magnitude in Costa Rica can be, but it also shows the speed at which tickets can be sold.

If you are a Metallica fan in Costa Rica, then you had better have your ticket already or you might not be able to see your favorite band perform here.


Very Close to the Finals

November 27, 2009

Two concerts is what separates Costa Rican representative Eduardo Aguirre from the Latin American Idol grand finale.

The young man from Esparza, advanced to the group of five semi-finalists and he will sing two songs in order to fight to keep his place among public’s favorites.

“I’m Proud of the support from my country and what I have shown.  I am going to sing a ballad by Juan Luis Guerra.  If I move on to the seventh concert, I will sing two pop songs, but none by Cristian Castro,” he said.

Aguirre noted that the hardest part is coming and he does not care if the judges sometimes tell others that they are among their favorites.

“I put the pressure on myself.  We all have our minute and a half on stage.  All I need is a little push to reach the final.  I only ask people to continue believing in me and the will hopefully be satisfied with the effort,” he said.

The Chilean, Ruben Alvarez and the Dominican, Martha Heredia, two of his strongest rivals on the show, also made their predictions.

“I am very happy with what I’ve been doing.  People have seemed receptive, but now we five are starting from scratch.  I’ve shown a lot of dancing and now I will offer a more romantic mood,” said the Chilean.

The Caribbean said she is preparing vocally and emotionally.  She denies being overconfident, as the jury told her not long ago.

“Sometimes I seem arrogant, but I am really very simple.  What happens is that the I transform myself when I sing.  I am really preparing myself,” said the brunette, who calls Ruben her strongest rival.

The reprimand that the Costa Rican representative received during “Cantando por un sueño” (Singing for a Dream) where he was told by music producer Fabian Zolo that he must go from being  a puppy to being a man was not in vain.

The producer sees him as being more mature, but there are things he must still improve.  “Without fear of being wrong, I can say that he can get to the finals…but only if he changes his strategy. He has to take more risks, take over the stage.  He is in a comfort zone and he must come out of it.”

Zolo said that the young man has already demonstrated that he can sing, but he must now show himself, show more nuance and be the artist who wants to be the show.  Maria Jose Castillo, a finalist last year, said that she sees the young man from Esparza in the finals against Martha or Ruben.

“He is among the best, no doubt.  He should continue with ballads and vary a little with pop.  We need to see him in that genre to show different facets.  He’s doing a good job and he is paying attention to what the judges say, but I think Mediavilla (Oscar) is a little obnoxious when he makes his comments.”

But even when things seem to be all right, we must support our representative from Costa Rica.  We are asking for your votes so that he can reach the final.

Yuridia in Costa Rica

November 27, 2009

Excited to return to the first country outside of Mexico where she appeared, smiling and desirous of further exploiting her stay in Costa Rica, singer Yuridia spoke to a national newspaper about the reasons that brought her to Costa Rica.

She made allusion to her new recording titled “Nada es color de rosa” (Nothing is rosy), and her new facet as a mother and woman.

The interview went something like this:

What are your expectations?
I hope to get to know the country a bit more because last time I went to the hotel where the show took place and that was it.  I am happy that I can spend more time here and talk about my record.

What memories do you have?
Costa Rica left its mark in Yuridia’s history.  It was my first time outside Mexico and the truth is that I was very scared.  I did not know that they listened to my music here.  I was fantastic.

What makes this record different?
It’s my second album with original recordings.  It was released a month ago and it is the most personal recording I have done.  It talks a lot about what I have experienced in the past two years and what I want my life to be in the future.  I think the people will be able to identify with it.

What has public response been like?

It has been very good.  We already have a gold record with the song “Irremediable” (Hopeless).  It makes me very happy.

When can we see you in concert?

It would be incredible, but no have been set so I don’t worry about it (she laughs).  For now, I’m on tour in Mexico and the U.S…. once I leave here.

How much has the Yuridia how left “La Academia” (The Academy) to the woman we see today?  Well, I have lived through many important things since I left The Academy.  Now I understand things better and I learned things that I did not know before.  I appreciate time with my family, friends and even being alone.

How are you doing as a mom?  I am doing very well, happy.  Phoenix, my son, just turned three.

How far can an artist stand the siege by the press like it happens in Mexico?  It was hard.  At first, it was quite difficult, but it’s been several years and I have managed to draw my line in the sand and set a limit.  I think we learned to get along and be calm.

Mrs. Costa Rica in Mrs. World Pageant

November 27, 2009

Mrs. Costa Rica 2009, Meyryn Carrillo, did battle on Sunday at the Mrs. World pageant that was held in Vietnam and finished among the top 12 semi-finalists.

She was there for over 20 days and says that she was treated like a queen from the time she arrived.  This is what she told a national newspaper who interviewed her before the competition.  She said that her husband, Gino Winklaar, her two sons, mom, mother-in-law, brothers and friends were all on her side.

The interview that took place went something like this:

How was it?
Very tiring because of the flying time first of all.  Dallas to Japan was a 14 hour flight.  The agenda was very tight between filming, visits to tourist sites and rehearsals.

How did they treat you there?
The people there are very kind, gentle and very attentive.  It really surprised me.

Is it hot or cold?
It’s pretty hot, much more than Costa Rica.

How was the food?

I have no complaints.  The hotel had international cuisine and a great variety of seafood.  The dishes had their Vietnamese touch and they tasted delicious.  I did not have to open any cans of tuna.

Were you able to see your children and family?
Yes, they were there part of the time and they had no delays on their trip.  I saw them three times and I was very happy that they were somewhere nearby because I really missed my babies and my husband (she laughs) when they were not there.

Did you ask the people from Costa Rica to bring you anything?
I had to ask for a few things that I felt I needed.  I needed some shoes in addition to the 35 pairs that I brought along with me because I do not like to wear the same shoes twice.  I also asked for clothing and accessories.

How were your rivals?
There was a bit of everything.  They were all very beautiful women, friendly and sometimes a little selfish.

Who did you think would win?
I thought the Brazilian, who is a slender, beautiful woman would win.  Mrs. America was the most spoiled, apparently because the owner of the franchise is on her side.

Did the time difference affect you?
Only the first two days, especially at night.  It’s normal because the country is 13 hours ahead of Costa Rica.

Did you sleep alone?
I had a roommate.  It was the contestant from the Dominican Republic.

With which of the participants did you have the most chemistry?
I think it was with the representatives from Mexico and Venezuela.  We walked together in the activities every day and we even helped each other as friends.

How did it go with the clothing that you took?
Pretty good, I packed a lot, thank to God.  I change two or three times per day, depending on the activity and schedules.

Did you do your own hair and makeup?
Luckily my teachers taught me well.  The participants always want to know about my makeup.  They look for me to help them for the events.  It’s the same with hair and I try to help others.

What is the routine?
It’s heavy.  We had no time to do almost nothing.  We went from one activity to another and when we wer at the hotel we rehearsed hard for the competition.  Well, I went to work hard.

For such a small country as Costa Rica, it is not bad for its contestant in the even to be among the top 12 semi-finalists.  With a bit more work, there is no telling how far a contestant can go.