A Great Show by Eduardo Aguirre in Latin American Idol

December 1, 2009

Eduardo Aguirre is flying high.  The Costa Rican representative finally hit its stride and got the best judge comments since he has been competing in “Latin American Idol.”

The unplugged concert really favored, and he even got a second “Bien Cantao” during this fourth season from judge John Secada.

“It was so wonderful.  It was a magical night.  It was time to transmit emotion and I did it,” said Aguirre to national newspaper right after the show in Argentina.

He did so well that even Oscar Eduardo Mediavilla had no negative comments which to direct at the singer.  “It was very funny when I said I had thrown him off,” recalled the young Costa Rican while laughing.

If Eduardo obtains the necessary amount of votes, then he will arrive in Costa Rica the following day to record a special segment for the final.

“I hope they are proud of me because everything I do is with my heart and thinking of my country,” said the singer, who also lamented the passing of Froilan Bolaños.

Therefore, if Costa Ricans give Eduardo Aguirre their support, then he will surely be in the finals.  It remains to be seen whether there will be a Costa Rican in the finals for the second consecutive year.


One Response to “A Great Show by Eduardo Aguirre in Latin American Idol”

  1. Ligia Says:

    Eduardo muy bien hecho! A pesar de no ser el ganador de Latin American Idol, te ganaste el corazón de los COstarricenses y también del resto de Latinoamérica.

    Para nosotros sos un ganador.

    Muchos éxitos en tu carrera!


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