Eduardo is in the Latin American Idol Finals

December 2, 2009

It’s official!  Costa Rican representative Eduardo Aguirre is one of three finalists in the fourth edition of the “Latin American Idol.”  The Costa Rican got enough votes last night to stay in the competition and make it to the last concert tonight.  

Competition last week was fierce and all four participants really stood out on stage.  However, the public once again believed in the talent of the young man from Esparza, which is a town in the northern section of the province of Puntarenas, not far from Puerto Caldera.

The excitement was more than evident on the face of the Costa Rican, who showed last Wednesday that he has the spirit of an artist, as Jon Secada said.  Tonight will probably be more difficult for the young Costa Rican singer because he will again have to sing two songs and they will determine whether he will be the next Latin American Idol.

Adolfo Arias, head of ICE’s services division in the Telecommunications sector in Costa Rica, said that voting went very smoothly last week.  “It was just as we had expected.  Voting doubled from the previous week and it was the week when the most votes were cast so far this season.  We will be ready for the final onslaught now that Eduardo is in the finals,” he noted.

Eduardo’s followers in Costa Rica must get some of the credit because they have continued to cast their votes to try to put him through to the finals.  The time has come for his followers to really make their vote count so that a Costa Rican can be the next Latin American Idol.


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