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Very Close to the Finals

November 27, 2009

Two concerts is what separates Costa Rican representative Eduardo Aguirre from the Latin American Idol grand finale.

The young man from Esparza, advanced to the group of five semi-finalists and he will sing two songs in order to fight to keep his place among public’s favorites.

“I’m Proud of the support from my country and what I have shown.  I am going to sing a ballad by Juan Luis Guerra.  If I move on to the seventh concert, I will sing two pop songs, but none by Cristian Castro,” he said.

Aguirre noted that the hardest part is coming and he does not care if the judges sometimes tell others that they are among their favorites.

“I put the pressure on myself.  We all have our minute and a half on stage.  All I need is a little push to reach the final.  I only ask people to continue believing in me and the will hopefully be satisfied with the effort,” he said.

The Chilean, Ruben Alvarez and the Dominican, Martha Heredia, two of his strongest rivals on the show, also made their predictions.

“I am very happy with what I’ve been doing.  People have seemed receptive, but now we five are starting from scratch.  I’ve shown a lot of dancing and now I will offer a more romantic mood,” said the Chilean.

The Caribbean said she is preparing vocally and emotionally.  She denies being overconfident, as the jury told her not long ago.

“Sometimes I seem arrogant, but I am really very simple.  What happens is that the I transform myself when I sing.  I am really preparing myself,” said the brunette, who calls Ruben her strongest rival.

The reprimand that the Costa Rican representative received during “Cantando por un sueño” (Singing for a Dream) where he was told by music producer Fabian Zolo that he must go from being  a puppy to being a man was not in vain.

The producer sees him as being more mature, but there are things he must still improve.  “Without fear of being wrong, I can say that he can get to the finals…but only if he changes his strategy. He has to take more risks, take over the stage.  He is in a comfort zone and he must come out of it.”

Zolo said that the young man has already demonstrated that he can sing, but he must now show himself, show more nuance and be the artist who wants to be the show.  Maria Jose Castillo, a finalist last year, said that she sees the young man from Esparza in the finals against Martha or Ruben.

“He is among the best, no doubt.  He should continue with ballads and vary a little with pop.  We need to see him in that genre to show different facets.  He’s doing a good job and he is paying attention to what the judges say, but I think Mediavilla (Oscar) is a little obnoxious when he makes his comments.”

But even when things seem to be all right, we must support our representative from Costa Rica.  We are asking for your votes so that he can reach the final.