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Mrs. Costa Rica in Mrs. World Pageant

November 27, 2009

Mrs. Costa Rica 2009, Meyryn Carrillo, did battle on Sunday at the Mrs. World pageant that was held in Vietnam and finished among the top 12 semi-finalists.

She was there for over 20 days and says that she was treated like a queen from the time she arrived.  This is what she told a national newspaper who interviewed her before the competition.  She said that her husband, Gino Winklaar, her two sons, mom, mother-in-law, brothers and friends were all on her side.

The interview that took place went something like this:

How was it?
Very tiring because of the flying time first of all.  Dallas to Japan was a 14 hour flight.  The agenda was very tight between filming, visits to tourist sites and rehearsals.

How did they treat you there?
The people there are very kind, gentle and very attentive.  It really surprised me.

Is it hot or cold?
It’s pretty hot, much more than Costa Rica.

How was the food?

I have no complaints.  The hotel had international cuisine and a great variety of seafood.  The dishes had their Vietnamese touch and they tasted delicious.  I did not have to open any cans of tuna.

Were you able to see your children and family?
Yes, they were there part of the time and they had no delays on their trip.  I saw them three times and I was very happy that they were somewhere nearby because I really missed my babies and my husband (she laughs) when they were not there.

Did you ask the people from Costa Rica to bring you anything?
I had to ask for a few things that I felt I needed.  I needed some shoes in addition to the 35 pairs that I brought along with me because I do not like to wear the same shoes twice.  I also asked for clothing and accessories.

How were your rivals?
There was a bit of everything.  They were all very beautiful women, friendly and sometimes a little selfish.

Who did you think would win?
I thought the Brazilian, who is a slender, beautiful woman would win.  Mrs. America was the most spoiled, apparently because the owner of the franchise is on her side.

Did the time difference affect you?
Only the first two days, especially at night.  It’s normal because the country is 13 hours ahead of Costa Rica.

Did you sleep alone?
I had a roommate.  It was the contestant from the Dominican Republic.

With which of the participants did you have the most chemistry?
I think it was with the representatives from Mexico and Venezuela.  We walked together in the activities every day and we even helped each other as friends.

How did it go with the clothing that you took?
Pretty good, I packed a lot, thank to God.  I change two or three times per day, depending on the activity and schedules.

Did you do your own hair and makeup?
Luckily my teachers taught me well.  The participants always want to know about my makeup.  They look for me to help them for the events.  It’s the same with hair and I try to help others.

What is the routine?
It’s heavy.  We had no time to do almost nothing.  We went from one activity to another and when we wer at the hotel we rehearsed hard for the competition.  Well, I went to work hard.

For such a small country as Costa Rica, it is not bad for its contestant in the even to be among the top 12 semi-finalists.  With a bit more work, there is no telling how far a contestant can go.