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Another Couple Decides not to have Sex

December 1, 2009

Andrea Salas and her boyfriend, Costa Rican soccer player Keylor Navas, made a courageous and somewhat strange decision nowadays.  They have decided to abstain from having sex.  The couple want to practice abstinence and conduct things in a calm manner.

Things developed in this manner because they are going to Bible study and came to an agreement that this is the best thing for their relationship.

“We are not going to do anything until we get married.  This is because God is in our hearts.  Since we know the Bible, we know what is right.  We want to get to know each other as friends and to do things right,” said Andrea.

 It is hoped that Keylor will not have too much temptation.  However, Andrea is one of the most beautiful and shapely models in Costa Rica‘s entertainment industry.

“Everyone asks me how I do it.  I am human and I have feelings, but we try not to be alone, to go no further than kissing and not to have too much physical contact.  It is actually quite difficult for me, but it is something I need to do,” Salas said.

He said that having an active sex life clouds a couple’s mind.  She does not disagree and says that having sex should come at the appropriate time rather than just because it is something that couples are supposed to do.

“Sex creates a dependence and couples solve problems this way rather than getting to the bottom of what is really wrong,” stressed Andrea.   Andrea is a mother and said that this decision may confuse many people.

“Since I have been studying the Bible, I have changed as a woman.  The Andrea from a few years ago does not exist.  Thank God that Keylor feels the same way I do.  He is a real man,” she added.  

The couple hopes that many young Costa Rican people will follow their example.  “It does not cause problems and there are many benefits.  It prevents the spread of disease and unwanted pregnancies,” said the smiling, green-eyed woman.

The couple currently has no plans to marry, but everything is apparently going smoothly.  They were in Perez Zeledon last weekend and they were able to spend time together.  Keylor had been very busy playing with his soccer team and the national team.

It is good that this couple is promoting abstinence.  However, if other Costa Ricans choose to have sex, it is hoped that they would do so responsibly.  This implies protection, honesty and not looking at sex as only a form of spreading disease or unwanted pregnancies.