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Payment Without Having to Work

November 30, 2009

Who would not like to get paid without having to work?  Well, that never happens here; never except that it is happening to Costa Rican presenter Hanzel Carballo.

Although the program “En Vivo” stopped airing on September 18, she is still receiving her salary in a timely manner.

“I’m still with Teletica.  I have not left even though I am not doing anything at the moment.  They are still paying me as if I were working on ‘En Vivo’,” said “La Naca,” as she is commonly referred to.

She argues that this is a way for the channel to keep her on board.

“It is to keep me in the fold.  I guess it is not convenient for them if I were to leave and go work somewhere else.  I feel very happy,” she says.

Carballo will soon join the program “The Chinamo” (The Tent) and she asserted that she has a project planned in Costa Rica.

This is something that is very rarely seen in Costa Rica.  However, if she has that privilege, she should make good use of it.