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Yuridia in Costa Rica

November 27, 2009

Excited to return to the first country outside of Mexico where she appeared, smiling and desirous of further exploiting her stay in Costa Rica, singer Yuridia spoke to a national newspaper about the reasons that brought her to Costa Rica.

She made allusion to her new recording titled “Nada es color de rosa” (Nothing is rosy), and her new facet as a mother and woman.

The interview went something like this:

What are your expectations?
I hope to get to know the country a bit more because last time I went to the hotel where the show took place and that was it.  I am happy that I can spend more time here and talk about my record.

What memories do you have?
Costa Rica left its mark in Yuridia’s history.  It was my first time outside Mexico and the truth is that I was very scared.  I did not know that they listened to my music here.  I was fantastic.

What makes this record different?
It’s my second album with original recordings.  It was released a month ago and it is the most personal recording I have done.  It talks a lot about what I have experienced in the past two years and what I want my life to be in the future.  I think the people will be able to identify with it.

What has public response been like?

It has been very good.  We already have a gold record with the song “Irremediable” (Hopeless).  It makes me very happy.

When can we see you in concert?

It would be incredible, but no have been set so I don’t worry about it (she laughs).  For now, I’m on tour in Mexico and the U.S…. once I leave here.

How much has the Yuridia how left “La Academia” (The Academy) to the woman we see today?  Well, I have lived through many important things since I left The Academy.  Now I understand things better and I learned things that I did not know before.  I appreciate time with my family, friends and even being alone.

How are you doing as a mom?  I am doing very well, happy.  Phoenix, my son, just turned three.

How far can an artist stand the siege by the press like it happens in Mexico?  It was hard.  At first, it was quite difficult, but it’s been several years and I have managed to draw my line in the sand and set a limit.  I think we learned to get along and be calm.


Yuridia in Costa Rica

November 13, 2009

Yuridia will have a marathon-like trip through Costa Rica on a visit to promote her latest recording material, “Nada es color de rosa” (Nothing is rosy).

The young woman from “La Academia” (The Academy), will arrive from Mexico’s Federal District or Tuesday and she will be available to meet the press, whether TV or radio, during her four-day stay in the country.

“She will be staying at the Courtyard Marriott in Santa Ana.  She will meet with the media.  She has a tight schedule, but we are trying to open a space so she can spend some time with her fan club,” said Kattia Picado, press officer for Sony Music in Costa Rica.

According Picado, it will depend on whether the singer of “Angel” has time any time left over to do some other type of activity such as taking a trip to another zone in our country.

The Mexican is releasing her third production, which took six months to develop.  The first single is “Irremediable” (Hopeless).  You may have Previously heard “Habla el Corazón” (Speak from Your Heart) and “Entre Mariposas” (Among Butterflies).  This will be her second visit to Costa Rica because she gave her first concert outside of Mexico in 2007 at the Palacio de los Deportes (Sports Palace) in Heredia.

Therefore, if you are a Costa Rican fan of this great singer, you would have to wait and see if you will get to spend any time with her.  We hope that you can because her fame depends on her fans and not on the media.